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bl33n Ouch!

Every once and again new concepts come forth from the genius of art. These ideas are like seeds strewn to the wind. Most never germinate, but that's the way it goes. For every accepted and utile dream, thousands of balloons deflate on non-nurturing asphalt fields. Nonetheless, hope always offers the potential of success. And, now, along comes bl33n.

From a June 16, 2011 interview, Smashbox Studios doing Mathias and Donovan Vriens-McGrath.

Provocation has just met its match. Photographer Matthias and Donovan Vriens-McGrath launch BL33N (pronounced BLEEN) – a Tee shirt line and sexy web-mag destination for all things out of the box, quite literally. Planning to go all out with this new project, the spread of freedom within nudity sit front row center for their new venture as they put “the body” on a pedestal through photography, fashion, and sexuality. After all, he was one of the founders of DUTCH – a provocateur mag from the 90′s. He’s worked on such covers as Details, Glamour, Numero and tons of internationally stemmed publications around the world. In an exclusive interview with me for Smashbox Studios, Matthias speaks loud and clear; His respect for Helmut Newton, the ideas behind BL33N and his photographic vulnerability all connect the Vriens-McGrath adventure to promote freedom…

MVM: Since BL33N is a collection of really great images that will continue to grow as we move onwards, we’ll have a lot of photographers, artists and other collaborators involved. Also, we encourage people to send in pictures of themselves – hopefully as naked as possible! We’ll also feature our T-Shirt collection with a link to our store.

SB: Tell me three things that BL33N will have that no one else does.

MVM: A stunning site with an annual super slick print. Male and female nudity, without being gross but instead open minded about the body. Amazing T-Shirts available on there and at Collette Paris! I’m adding a fourth – A free download of Casey Spooner’s new song.

…But to really answer your question: I love pictures that I find on the weirdest sites, amateur pictures, pictures from mothers of their kids that are sweet, weird art works. Ditto for pics one might find on sex sites and blogs. Photos of rugs or an interior decorator in New Orleans that chats about his obsession on early Baroque. You can’t help but find astonishing beauty and magic just about anywhere…

Check out the website Starting with the Home Page, the visitor knows things are going to be different. Is she saying, "Feed Me"? Ha! The head-over tee shirt projects a wide-mouthed tooth-scary monster. These tees cost $100, but they are
  • pre-shrunk
  • double enzyme washed for a vintage hand feel
  • crew neck
  • uni-sized fit
  • ribbed neck band
  • made in LA USA (echoes of American Apparel?)
  • black/white monster printed upside down to be correct when shirt pulled over head

Will this tee change things around? Could this idea be a shifter? To wit,
  • the messaging possibilities are endless
  • the "head" as an advertising medium is born
  • the concept of expression is novel
  • baring the chest of itself is revolutionary
  • will chest nudity become cultural
  • will an industry of under the tee shirt fashion spring up?
If you don't know what it is, BL33N site can be a bit confusing ... and the aboutpage (if you manage to read it all the way to the end without your eyes giving up ...) won't help you much. But if you like shopping for cool crazy t-shirts and feel like you are on some kind of "substanbce" then check it out ;-)
So besides buying T-shirts (I LOVE the monster collection) you can also enjoy several editorials like Rio Monsters, Monter Breakfast or Country Monsters on this special page. 
And that special page is compelling check these images!

Mathias has a great eye for image. Here are a couple of portfolio samples...

OK then... The website is soooo binary. The music is futuristic. With the feel of 2050 about it, surfing around is both challenging and rewarding. Sometimes progress makes discomfort, but... Can you remember the first time? for anything? :)

E cosi va

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