Monday, June 20, 2011

misscnicole aka Courtney Roskop

For those 34,000 or so Twitter followers of @MissKaceyJordan, it was a sad day, a few weeks back when she ended her account. Surely there was hateful stuff going on to prompt her precipitous departure. Check out this video, After all...

Well, she decided to share her wit, humor, day-to-day and some interesting parts of her life on a new account, misscnicole,!/misscnicole. She presents this account with her real name, Courtney Roskop. After checking out a few of her tweets and some of her pix, all is well for her fans.

Here are a few misscnicole tweets and images. YAY!!!


staying awake so I don't miss my flight... oregon bound :)

just finished watching the notebook... time for a shower then off to the airport. I wish I lived back when life was more simple.

Wait... Y is my cab driver hot and smells good? That is a first... And I'm very confused.

cuddling with bunny! i loooovve her!

my tangled outfit :) -

and i'm excited to change my look a lil while i'm home before I start school :)

ok i've been awake for 14 hours now, i really wanted to get back on a normal sleep schedule... but food coma is taking over :(

mom was trying to adjust herself on the couch and accidently used his nuttsack as a launch pad and when he said "OW" was like high pitched

haha i just found this and i love it! -

thanks everybody for the nice comments, i'm loving my new personal twitter. no one has hated courtney yet :)

bbqing with the fam, i've managed today without naps but i'm wanting to do the eat dinner coma then fall asleep move :)

p.s. i'm loving the tiesto remix of katy perry's E.T. and just found out i'm going to hong kong next week. YESsssssss!

even though i quit porn everything is still sexual to me, i just ate a banana and still always see how far i can put it down my throat :D

Since I don't have time to do extensions, I'm going to do natural for 2 weeks... Getting hair done today :) I'm nervous

My hair looks so different! I love it!

Just bought 2 hour whitening express. Let's see if it's a waste of money

debating on going out in portland tonight or staying home... it's just oregon and we really don't thrive in the night life department :/

ok i'm going to get ready then I will take pics of my short hair :P then out for a few drinks ;)

feels weird taking photos without
my fake eyelashes but whatev.... short hair - 
and that's it. more
photos tomorrow, i need a drink -_- -

5.75 for a jack n coke???!!! It's like 14 dollars in LA , OMG I'm easily amused

I'm sexting... I'm giving this guy boners at work :D I love my out of country bfs

Def regretting all my jack n cokes mixed with an entire bottle of vodka... And the menthal cig I smoked from a stranger last night. Ughhhh

watching criminal minds with mom :) eating a bowl of garbanzo beans with italian dressing and black pepper too, hangover almost gone!

goodmorning! just finished setting up my phones for international calls 2.29 per minute jeez. 2 more days until i leave for hong kong!

a pic i sent to this guy who wanted
 to see me without makeup...
 and he's laughing at my pjs :( -

hailey doesn't like posing so she
 looked away, we did katy perry make up night -

i already miss my
 extensions... i can't
wait to have them
 back in 2 weeks :( -

Indeed, missnicole sounds a lot like kaceyjordan. Good thing. She already has 1,249 followers. Join her, but haters not invited. 

and i just saw pictures of my hotel :D it's five star and in the heart of hong kong and night life... today will be long, and the flight -_-

Just landed! Ive never been on a 2 story plane! Anyways time for customs and my driver is waiting :)

t's so humid I can't breathe! On my way to the hotel now :) it's Thursday 8:07pm

It's so weird to drive on the other side of the road and the driver is on the right. 

Someone slap me, these sky scrapers overlooking the water r nutts!!! I can't wait to explore tomorrow!

OMG all these bars! Ok I don't want to leave!

Out for dinner and drinks ;;) 
Ok. I'm so happy. Words can't describe the scene and I dunno... Just pure bliss!!! Thank you god <3

i just found out my date is married... so folks. that is why i want to be engaged and not married. ugh -_-

p.s. my ass hurts :( 2 loads...

anyways going to play smoke a cigarette :P

... i only smoke when i'm drinking! i used to be a smoker and I quit :p

i'm so tired of crawling in bed pretending to be a wife... so tired...

black hole sun...

my boyfriend woke me up,
 so cheers! so I can pass out
 and sleep while he works today ;;) -
 - my boyfriend is married???

fresha than a motha fucka...
 not really. i just woke up
 to boyfriends phone call -
nips *) - 
i don't know why he
likes my short hair *rolls eyes* 
hello starshine!!! lmao so attractive

E cosi va...

Tweet to  Glad your back, blogged it, ok?

Reply from  Courtney Roskop   <3

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