Friday, April 22, 2011

Liv Devine and Prince Chunk

Here's a chance to help pet owners and their pets. Ever hear of The Prince Chunk Foundation? Or The Prince Chunk Music Fest? Well. well...

The Prince Chunk Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that enables pet owners to keep their pets during times of financial crisis by providing temporary assistance to pet owners throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and California. Providing this aid is critical to achieve a lower animal abandonment rate, and most importantly, a lower euthanasia rate nationally.

Prince Chunk

Prince Chunk is a cat who captivated the world in August 2008 and remained a "heart-throb" to animal-loving citizens of the United States. He has been featured on shows such as: Live With Regis & Kelly, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and many more. To date, Prince Chunk has been featured in over 750,000 national and international newspaper articles with reporters constantly inquiring for updates. At the conclusion of 2008, Prince Chunk received the title of "Best Animal Story of the Year" by People Magazine.

Folks in New Jersey and nearby Pennsylvania and New York have the opportunity of attending an upcoming benefit concert at the TD Bank Arts Center in Washington Township, NJ on April 30, 2012 at 7:30. Liv Devine is an energetic and vivacious country singer,, who will be performing in front of a hometown crowd on behalf of the Foundation.

She has a new single ready to go, Hot and Cold Fever.  Liv announced yesterday on her Facebook page, "5 Days until the official release of my new song "Hot & Cold Fever". You can download it on Monday .... FOR FREE :) 

Liv Devine and Band
Liv will be performing along with another artist, Jessi Teich*. The concert will be a lot of fun and it promotes a great cause. Come out and give support. Also, check out Liv's other songs on iTunes, too. Her holiday hit, Hey, It's Christmas Day!, was well received.

If the concert is not an option, please check out the Prince Chunk website to make direct donations. It would be difficult for Californians to make this benefit. Any and all help is appreciated.

E cosi va

*Jessi Teich is a remarkable singer with great range and an eclectic repertoire of music. Try her lead song, Barely There from her CD of the same name, and then keep going. 

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