Sunday, February 20, 2011

JWoww Nipple Slips

Socialite Life* has provided more pics of the ever interesting Jenni Farley, aka JWoww. Ms. Woww is one of the eight protagonists of Jersey Shore, a mega MTV hit show. These intriguing and provoking images were taken three years ago, while the young actress was serving cocktails. It matters little. They serve as an ongoing tease of her eventual, hoped for, FULL expose. Here are a few salty ones, girl on girl.

And here's the piece de resistance. Areola slips...**

Are these the first "explicits"? Well, other than the Tom Lippolis collection? Lippolis, a former JWoww boyfriend, purportedly has nudie shots and possible videos. He has been stopped from releasing them by a New York judge. In addition, Ms. Woww has a Playboy photo shoot offer of at least $400K on the table. And who knows what else she has on her plate? Face it, she is one HOT, HOT property.

On a cold Sunday morning in Massachusetts, these pictures add some warmth to a winter, which has overstayed its invitation. They are sure more fun to look at than the Sunday morning blab-blab shows, talking about collective bargaining and school teachers in Wisconsin. And who gives a rat's ass about Governor Scott Walker anyways? Hey, do the Cheesehead school teachers (women or men) look like JWoww? Ha!

Hmm, Walker does look a little like The Situation...***

E cosi va...


**These are NOT nipple slips although some would generically use that term. There is a big difference between the areola and the nipple. Here are two nipple slips provided by Bai Ling, who might have the best nipples in the world. Just sayin...

Be clear of the distinction, the areola is the pigmented circular area surrounding the nipple. And the nipple is, well, heck, it's the nipple! Here's a good example of both the areola and the nipple.

***Mike The Situation Sorrentino is another of the eight stars of Jersey Shore. Note again the delineation of his areolae and nipples. 

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