Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikileaks, Beginning or End

The Wikileaks bomb is about to go off. Despite the best official efforts to suppress the release of these 400,000+ pages of information, the whole kit and kaboodle is available.

Early attention getters include an Iraqi death toll way out of skew with previous official intimations. There were purportedly over 109,000 deaths with approximately 66,000 described as CIVILIAN deaths. In addition, there are portrayals of prisoner torture by US troops, the killing of 2 surrendering men by helicopter fire and more heinous stuff.

In reality, Americans have been shielded from any real news out of Iraq. What with "embedding" reporters and with the "censorship" and "sanitizing" of the information coming out of Iraq, the red-white-and-blue crowd has enjoyed a "War" without much day to day angst. And without a draft, well, there has been little youthful unrest. Wikileaks in its own way brings Americans a dose of reality.

Dylan Ratigan tweeted, "66,081 local civilian deaths in Iraq, out of 109,000 fatalities...66 thousand. For what?" and "Trillions stolen, a killing field of civilians, 66,081, in Iraq. What is DOJ threshold to Investigate? Resolve? Reform? Advance?"

Bradley Manning

is the young, gay and disgruntled soldier, who has been identified as the "leaker". He is awaiting court martial and who knows what else? Is he a traitor? Is he a hero? Ditto for Julian Assange.

Assange is the head of Wikileaks and he is the person responsible for the ultimate decision to have released the data.

President Obama, who is busy with the Blue-Red Political Wars is campaigning. He is out of Washington and not much involved with matters of state at the moment. He is likely to mention Wikileaks sooner or later and considering its election time, he may blame Bush in some way or another.

Of the most interest will be whether the bloated and sated American public has any stomach for looking in the mirror. Will Wikileaks generate any outrage? Will Americans be as appalled as the rest of the world? Will Americans leaders get the gumption to end the Afghanistan War? What would Wikileaks for Afghanistan be like? And so it goes.

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