Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Oakhurst and The Volunteers

Two topics of interest are bouncing off of the cranial walls of Peabody Prescott on a fine Sunday morning. It's AM5 and the sun isn't up. The chicken cutlet on broccoli rabe and cheese (not sure of kind) sandwich on crusty bread remains a quality gustatory memory. Having stopped, last evening, at a small, old appearing stainless steel diner in Millerton, NY was a GOOD thing. The OAKHURST DINER is a winner. The food is not typical diner fare and moreover it is FRESH, mostlly local and organic. So, whenever Peabody shoots through Millerton in the future, it's the Oakhurst. Yay!

In a dissimilar vein, Peabody worries about the sentiment, the sentiment which has arisen post the Obion County, TN fire department's failure to respond to a request for help. In Obion, residents need to pay the department $75. A year. For fire protection. No pay, no fire department response. Understood, BUT what happens in an emergency...?

Peabody thinks that the department should have extinguished the blaze, $75 or not. After all, he reasons, isn't there a moral, human call to help anyone in trouble. So, the department responded to the help call and then watched, there ostensibly to protect a subscriber, a nearby neighbor, whose house was in jeopardy. Futher, he worries about other services, like medical. After Obion, will hospitals and doctors refuse to treat the indigent, the poor, the uninsured? Watch them "burn" with fever and infection and heart attacks and appendicitis and bleeding and ....

Peabody drinks coffee, he flips to the sports pages. He loves college football. Ah, the University of Tennessee calls itself the Volunteers. The Tennessee Volunteers.

Yeah, right, maybe in Knoxville, not in Obion.

Gulp, gulp and so it goes..

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