Friday, October 29, 2010

Coons v. O'Donnell, Hair Wins

As quoted from a Monmouth University Poll regarding the senatorial race between Christopher Coons and Christine O'Donnell, "While Coons still has the advantage, it has to be uncomfortable knowing that O’Donnell was able to shave 9 points off his lead in just two weeks." Perhaps its ironic that the Polling Institute chose the "was able to shave" predicate phrase. Ironic indeed. And who said the so called negative Gawker tryst report would not have its benefits. In politics ALL publicity is GOOD. see

The race is still a laugher with Coons holding a 10 point margin, but that lead was 19 points 14 days ago. At the rate of losing 1.38 points a day, with 5 days left, hmmm, the margin could be 3-4 points by election day. Egads. The southern part of Delaware appears to love Ms. O'Donnell, so that a strong turnout in Sussex and Kent Counties would work in her favor. Could an upset be in the making...? And always remember the golden rule in electoral jousting, good hair beats bad hair, which is as bad as no hair at all.

The cue ball skulled Coons

needs to mind his p's and q's this weekend. One gaffe, one misstep, one blunder could deep six him. While O'Donnell is given a wide berth in her perturbations, Coons is not. After all he is an Eli, with degrees in law and divinity from Yale. The always well coiffed and thick haired O'Donnell

received her bachelor's degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in English Literature and Communications (no surprise there) on September 1, 2010. Her sheepskin is still oozing. She is 41, Coons 47. Loquacious looseness is expected from the younger candidate, while the senior Coons is a man of serious, serious blather. Put another way, this race is a beauty and the beast match up.

America loves an underdog. Coons, as the upper dog, must know that. He's viewed as the more prepared candidate. While six years of Coons might be useful and sane and even productive, who cares? Why bother? The Senate, the Congress and the rest of the beltway crowd are classic underachievers. Whether Coons shows up or not will make little to no difference. At the least, with O'Donnell in the Senate, there will be sideshows and other interesting dust ups, which really can't be fully imagined. And the things she'll say will be media events. To exemplify, Bill Maher will make O'Donnell a regular. Coons, well, he's not telegenic and there is no way he and Mr. Maher will cross swords.

Gotta love election time. It brings out the best in the American electorate. In a democracy, election contests are like the People's Choice Awards.

Coons v. O'Donnell will be interesting. If it's close, it will come down to hair. And in this race, Christine has way more hair. Way more. Indeed. And so it goes.

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