Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brittney Jones Prattles On

Brittney Jones continues to prattle on. In what seems like an open dialogue with The Star, the 21 year old has added onto her allegations of a couch affair with the erstwhile Iowan. Initially the story played out as simple Ashton-Brittney tryst while Demi was away. The old "while the cat is away the mice will play" gambit. No imputation to cougars intended, after all.

Interestingly M/M Kutcher have handled the dust up quite well. Cuddling, dating and bed scenes

spouted forth in a series of paced releases helping make the Jones' jumba-jumba seem silly. Moreover, the May-December pair did not speak loudly to Jones or to The Star, in essence not legitimating any of their chatter. Truly a nice job of damage control.

Now Britt, the loose lipped one, continues with the exclusive interview. In it, she posits that the Kutcher-Moore liaison is seasoned with three

action. Jones says that it is customary for the celebrities' open marriage to add on an extra woman as need arises. The rules do not generally allow Ashton to cavort willy-nilly, but only with Demi in attendance and presumably in play. Also, the Striptease star, it is alleged, likes to pick out the girls. No mention of whether the former Willis squeeze had a role in Brittney's service role.

In keeping with moral wholeness, Ms. Jones said she believed that she was not involved with "cheating". Since Kutcher's marriage is open, there can be no devil play, according to the young, purported paramour. That's a refreshing twist. It makes the whole alleged shake-a-bake Betty Crocker good. No devil in Miss Jones, lol.

What is going on here? It looks as if The Star and Ms. Jones are going to keep going on with this until... As with everything, the truth will prevail. In matters little what Kutcher-Moore do or don't do within the confines of their relationship. It's personal business. Unfortunately for them, Brittney Jones has become a household name, a Google trend in her own right. She has managed to pull herself to modern, most likely short lived, fame.

An image search brings up some snaps of the plucky Jones. Some are even sans clothes. Jones looks like she is in a good position to be offered a porn role. Like octomom, (who needs cash)

hmm, with octomom? Throw in a Kutchie look alike (presumably talented enough to impress) and who knows what could happen. The upcoming triple X production will likely have a play on the work "Punk'd" in its title.

Can a lawsuit be far off?

Libel, slander, false allegations, infliction of emotional distress and similar protestations are begging to be lobbed into The Star-Jones camp. The ultimate defense to any sort of lawsuit is the truth. So, if Britt is not telling tales out of school, she may be a guilty yapper but not a guilty tortfeasor. At this point, the reticence of the Kutcher-Moore camp to go legal makes it appear that Brittney Jones is professing the truth. Sure is fun filler among football games, baseball playoffs, Dancing with the Stars episodes, bottles of beer and bags of chips. Yeah, baby. Who cares about the unemployment rate, anyway?

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