Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bid, Be Like Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen never disappoints. Just when life gets a bit boring Sheen, whose birth name is Carlos Irwin Estevez, kicks up some dust. The former star high school pitcher trashed a room at the Plaza (New York), while in a state of inebriation. Picture the furniture helter skelter, a glass chandelier shattered and scattered and a naked whore in the closet. The escort was in hiding, presumably fearful of the wild antics of the star of the CBS hit, Two and a Half Men*, when rescuers arrived.

To make the scenario more suspenseful, Charlie had been at dinner prior to the Plaza show. Friends and escorts in tow, Mr. Sheen was loud and rambunctious. At one point during the repast, he and the harlot of the hour** had simultaneous urges to powder their noses. In absentia for an extended time, it was apparent that a "powdering" had transpired. Maybe it was a movie rehearsal?

Charlie's ex wife, Denise Richards,

was in and out of the fun times. She appeared at the dinner table but didn't stay. Charlie's bombastic behavior can be trying and she retreated. Denise appears later in the saga when she takes Charlie to Columbia Presbyterian. She was staying in an adjoining room in Sheen's Plaza suite with the couple's two children. Lucky she was nearby, it's nice to have a friendly face around when a crash occurs.

Ok, Charlie Sheen is no milquetoast. He lives his life to the fullest. Indeed, he burns the candle at both ends. Alcohol, drugs, guns, shootings (he accidentally shot Kelly Preston), porn stars (Ginger Lynn), hookers, legal proceedings and rehab have defined his life. It appears that he has five children with three women. Married three times, he must believe in love, yes, he is a romantic. Charlie is a notable actor with a long list of credits,

But he is more than just a care free bon vivant. He has challenged the 911 controversy and he is part of the 9/11 Truth Movement From a supporting standpoint, he has been actively involved in breast cancer awareness and AIDS treatment. His AIDS consciousness began in 1987 with his support of Ryan White. White contracted AIDS from a transfusion and he died from the infection in 1990.

Even though Charlie's up and down escapades could be negatively scrutinized and even criticized, who cares? It's his life to live and no matter what a cynic might say, Sheen has not let any moss grow under him. Although the average guy can not be Charlie, there is a chance to be a little like him. His 1967 Olds 442 W30

is currently on Ebay The 442 is a "muscle car". Would Sheen own anything less? The asking price is $30,000. Wanna be like Charlie? Go ahead, take that first step, make an offer. Who knows what will happen once the lucky bidder sits in the driver's seat for a while? So it goes.

*Mr. Sheen is paid approximately $1.88 million per episode.

**She is Christina Walsh, aka Capri Anderson and Alexis Capri. She works in porn and she says she likes women.

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