Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ingenue, Liv Devine

Liv Devine

is a promising new artist, who brings a fresh and exciting enthusiasm to her work. She is an ingenue with a great deal of promise. Inasmuch as it is so much fun to discover a new artist, check her out. Her singing is spot on and her style and grace bespeak a great career. See what you think? Let me know...

Liv Devine: Music

I've Never Felt the Rain
(Written by Jim Femino)

I Don't Want to Be The Only One
(Written by Jim Femino)
Don't Call Me
(Written by Obie O'brien and Liv Devine)

19th Nervous Breakdown
(Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards)

The Right Guy
Liv Devine - Gene Mikosky

Not-So-Country Girl
Liv Devine

Man In My Life
Liv Devine

He's My Hero (Song for the Brave)
Liv Devine

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