Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Delayed Diagnosis, Michael Douglas

The sad story is that Michael Douglas, indeed, has throat cancer. On Letterman last night, the renowned thespian shared with the world he has a Stage 4 malignancy. With optimism and determination, he told his audience that he had an 80% chance of cure. That would be nice, real nice.

For Mr. Douglas, who had been complaining of throat symptoms for many months prior to his diagnosis, it is a pity that his cancer was not found earlier. His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, is reportedly off put with the medical establishment for the delay in tumor finding. Michael is, at least now, not blaming or finding fault. It'll be of interest to see where this business all goes. Cousin Vinny, where are you?

No doubt throat cancer is found way more commonly in smokers and imbibers. Michael Douglas is a well known aficionado of both.

Somehow the pity point total is always diminished by self induced diseases, but nonetheless.

Perhaps Douglas's travail will encourage others not to smoke or to stop smoking.

Not likely, if at all. Perhaps BO and the gang will pass a law to ban the sale of tobacco, an intrinsically harmful and damaging product. (Uhh, BO smokes). Or maybe the Congress will hold hearings and declare tobacco to be a drug. (Congress with its 5% approval rating should be disbanded, 5%? yuck). If tobacco were a drug, the FDA would not approve tobacco as a medicinal. NOT SAFE. Not safe. not safe! AGAIN, TOBACCO IS AN UNSAFE PRODUCT!!

Smoking could be construed as a governmental plot to thin the herd. Smokers die younger and consequently, they use less of their social security benefits. The dinged puffers go quickly; lung cancer, esophageal cancer and throat cancer are fast killers and as such, don't cost that much to treat. And don't minimize the revenue the government derives from tobacco production and sales. Yikes! Stop smoking? NEVER.

And so Mr. Douglas has begun radiation and chemotherapy. For 4 weeks or so, he is going to bombarded with some rude and crude s***. His fans can only hope. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps comes out soon. Watch it, it may be the final film for the revered Michael Douglas. It is hoped that it is not. Here's looking at you, Michael Douglas.

E cosi va...

There was a big brouhaha over the fact that Douglas’ cancer wasn’t diagnosed till it hit stage IV, but that’s a very common scenario, said Dr. Robert Ferris, a professor of otolaryngology and chief of head and neck surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Getty Images, June 2, 2011
Now, at about 1 year post treatment, there is no evidence of residual or recurrent tumor. Throat cancer recurrences tend to occur early, so this is good news. The 3 year anniversary is the bellweather. Survival, tumor free, at that point is indicative of greater than a 90% cure.

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