Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki, Beer and Tennis

Many fans of tennis adore the sport for its grace, precision, accuracy and speed. And it's no wonder. It is quite a sport. For the most part one on one, its pits the will and skill of individuals as if they were engaged in mortal battle. Only nobody dies and the real pros get lots of money. But there's bad news brewing. Joe Sixpack is soon to join the genteel, monied masses of spectators.

Over the Labor Day weekend Venus Williams, a long time star and icon, really, really broke the barrier when she wore this little number.

And then a mostly unknown Danish hottie by the name of Caroline Wozniacki reached the quarter finals of the US Open by beating Maria Sharapova. Sharapova's loss to Wozniacki was an upset. With virtually all of her tennis legs in evidence, Caroline showed the world looking good does not mean you can't play the game. Here's what Sharapova was up against.

Caroline says that she always looked up to the pretty Anna Kournikova. This Russian tennis star never won a tournament during her career, but she made millions in endorsements. Good looks go a long way. Now that the blond Dane of Polish descent has beaten Sharapova, a recognized star with three major wins under her belt, the Odense native's potential is limitless. And to ramp up Caroline's stock even more, she has just beaten Dominika Cibulkova in the quarter final round to await her opponent in the semifinals. This is exciting.

Women's tennis is about to enter a new era with a new found audience. The 1990 birth year Wozniaki has the style and beauty and perhaps the skill to get a lot of new fans interested in the traditional "country club" sport. Several Joe Sixpacks when polled informally have a nascent interest in the comely Ms. Wozniacki. When are the semifinals scheduled? On national TV, ESPN or what? What will she wear? Do beer and tennis really go together? Hmmm.

E cosi va...

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