Monday, July 5, 2010

Steve Jobs Call Larissa Riquelme

The World Cup has thus far been great. This is said despite the fact that my three favorite teams are out. The USA played well, but the team's skill set is not yet up to international standards. But, look out, give us four more years and the red, white and blue will be the real deal.

The Azzurri, who were the defending World Cup champs, fizzled badly. Some say the team was too old. Others say that the Italians lost the desire, the hunger to win. No matter, the Blues didn't even make the knock out round. The Italians joined the underinflated English and the hapless, fractious French in a European trifecta of futbol ignominy.

Paraguay, a landlocked small South American country, has a population of only 6.3 million. New Jersey has more people. The major city and capital is Asuncion. Asuncion is the city through which both model Larissa Riquelme and Coach Diego Maradona promised to run through if the World Cup went to Paraguay. Riquelme pledged naked with body paint, Maradona said in a radio interview, naked. There was no mention of body paint on his part.

Sadly, in a hard fought game against an on paper better Spanish team, Paraguay's hopes were dashed in a 1-0 loss. It was a match Paraguay could have, even should have won.

Riquelme became an international celebrity overnight. While she was a known lingerie model prior to the World Cup, her pictures will the cell phone pocket bra will set a new standard. Women, who have challenged mammary positions, have yet another reason to see their cosmetic surgeons. With the disastrous iPhone4 launch, Steve Jobs should call Larissa to get the Appleoids, who rushed out to get the 4, thinking about something else other than their poor reception. Here's a few more images of the erstwhile Ms. Riquelme.

Note that the clever Larissa has positioned her cell in her right breast cubby in the upper shot. She uses the myriad nooks and crannies at her disposal to store her lucky phone. There's seems little doubt that someone, somewhere is going to encourage Larissa Riquelme to lose her clothes and get painted in the red, blue and white colors of Paraguay. Maybe she'll even run the streets of Asuncion anyway.* Maybe Mr. Jobs can convince her to paint on an iPhone4 for the photos which will be distributed in America. Call it damage control until Apple can correct its monumental faux pas. Go Guarani.**

* UPDATE July 5 Ms. Riquelme has announced that she will indeed keep her promised to run naked in Asuncion, despite the fact that the team did not win the World Cup. She believes that the players deserve to be treated as if they did win it all. In truth, the Paraguayan team played spectacularly and Larissa's gratitude is well placed. Also note below a Facebook pic, sorry no cell phone promotion. Mr. Jobs please ignore.

**Guarani means indiginous people and is a nickname for the soccer team from Paraguay.

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