Monday, July 5, 2010

NHL Badboy Bob Probert Dead at 45

Bob Probert died on the evening of July 5, 2010. Born in 1965, he was 45 years old at his death. His NHL career spanned 17 years. He played forward with the Detroit Red Wings until 1995. He then finished his career with the Chicago Blackhawks. He wore out his welcome in Detroit after he was convicted and imprisoned for cocaine possession and trafficking. He served 3 months in a federal prison in Minnesota. Besides cocaine, Mr Probert was convicted on DUI charges and he had several alcohol related scrapes during his career.

His best season was 1987-88. He accounted for 62 points. It was also the year he established himself as an enforcer. He was penalized over 350 minutes that season. He made his only All Star appearance that year as well.

His brawling on the ice became legendary. His ongoing fighting with Tie Domi was always anticipated.

Besides Domi, Probert had ongoing battles with Stu Grimson, Craig Cox and even his old Red Wing teammate, Joey Kocur. When Probert and Kocur played together for the Wings, they were known as the "Bruise Brothers".

It is only fitting that after the eulogy all of these combatants of years and games past should have a donnybrook. Probert, himself, would love this with his only regret being he won't be able to lay one on somebody. Bob Probert, RIP.

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