Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron, New York State of Mind

In the spirit of the day, it was exciting to become #290,274. When I hit "follow" on the King James Twitter site, I joined the other 290,273 interested parties following Mr. James and, in particular, his pending decision. Unless you have been living in a bunker, you know that he will announce the lucky NBA team to get his services in the future.

Lebron James has been an athletic phenom for most of his life. Blessed with a superman physique and the reflexes of a cat, he is a paradigm player. Interestingly he has worn #23 in honor of Michael Jordan, a similarly situated impact player of a previous generation. It is noteworthy that he filed an action with the NBA to change his number to 6, arguing that no one again should ever wear #23. He believes Mr. Jordan was just that good. If Mr. James were a little older, he would have been equally impressed with Julius Erving and Bill Russell. They both wore #6. And they were paradigms as well.

A native of Akron, Mr. James has been the pride of Ohio. In a way, it will be a pity if he decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. In terms of money, The King will be able to earn in salary and endorsements more money than he can ever reasonably need, no matter where he plays. In short, his decision really has nothing to do with money. After all, how many lobsters can a person eat?

Perhaps telling is the fact that he is a friend, a good friend of Mr. Jay Z (perhaps Jay Z would be more respectful,either way the most respect is intended). The music virtuoso has an interest in the NJ Nets, a team which will be Brooklyn shortly. Also, it must be understood Mr. James has a penchant for New York. It was The King, himself, who wore a Yankees cap to a Cleveland Indians game. He said he rooted for the Indian players as individuals, but he wanted the Yankees to win. Huh? It goes without saying that the NY Knicks will love to fill the Madison Square Garden marquee with "The King Is Here". From a business standpoint, most commentators think the NBA wants the over sought hoopster in Knick's blue.

Other franchises are vying for Lebron as well. San Antonio, Miami and Chicago are possibilities. Would the LA Lakers unload Kobe Bryant to make a deal for Lebron? Probably not, it would be foolhardy, Bryant himself is an icon in Los Angeles. Speaking of icons, Mr. James has declared that his goal is to be a "Global Icon". Indeed!

ESPN has devoted one hour of prime time to the James show, tonight at 9 PM Eastern. Isn't this ridiculous? An hour devoted to a decision, which should take two minutes to announce. Hype is the operative road. Luckily, some of us are well grounded. There are more important things going on. I gotta go now, I want to check my Twitter home page for any updates.

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