Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do As I Say, Save Energy

Mr. Obama is always at it and you have to respect his energy. In this case, you have to respect his desire to save energy and to lessen our carbon footprint. The Commander-in-Chief points out that the federal government is the biggest user of energy resources and he wants federal employees to lead conservation efforts by traveling less on business and by using public transportation. In a statement, Obama noted that the government is the biggest energy user. "The government has a responsibility to use that energy wisely, to reduce consumption, improve efficiency, use renewable energy, like wind and solar, and cut costs," he said.

As you look over this proclamation, one in a series of "huh, did he really say thats", Mr. Obama's Saturday night date in New York and the Joe Biden Leno LA gig come to mind. With all due respect to the POTUS and VPOTUS and their needs to flit around, their energy use and greenhouse emissions make that gas belching car commute from Chevy Chase look meager. In comparison, the energy use and greenhouse gas production of flying the dynamic duo here and there and the airport and vehicular traffic jams created by the travelers is gargantuan. Give the commuter a baby shoe and give Messers. Obama and Biden a Bob Lanier size seventeen footprint.

Despite all of the admonitions and platitudes, energy consumption and consequent pollution rise each year in the USA and pretty much everywhere else, too. POTUS/VPOTUS act like a fat guy at a wedding having his second piece of cake while yapping he's going to walk an extra mile in the morning. And worse yet, the same fat guy tells everyone else to cut down their own cake consumption. On an individual basis, who is the biggest single energy user in the country? The OTUS guys are not in the bottom third, for sure.

The boys from Washington know that every time they get a yen for a burger in Virginia or the need to knock around some dimpled little balls in North Carolina or to be on a talk show, they create green house gas felonies. Air Force One and Two and two and half and Marine One and his bladed friends all use lots of fuel. Air traffic and road traffic snarls created by their need to be VIP's is never factored into the ozone diminishing equation. Shouldn't it?

So, Mr. Obama's advice to reduce energy usage is laudable, even if unrealistic. But, by proclaiming, he is on record of being an energy conservative. Good stuff for reelection byte spots, for sure. And after all, you can't always do what you say, when you are the big cheese. Ask any parent. And so it goes.

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