Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anna, Don't Go

The deal is done. The uncovered Russian spies, most of whom were living as happy suburbanites, are leaving. In a quick, quick mostly hush, hush transaction the Red Ten are being swapped out for the Yankee Four. The sickle and star crowd could be on planes within hours. In truth, they all seemed like small timers, trying to meld into American life and discover secrets. Suburban secrets, PTA secrets, things like that. After watching the thing shake out, Anna Chapman was the best of the breed.

Sexy, kinky, red hair, curves, well, she could have been a femme fatale penned by Ian Fleming. Anna Chapman is a true fan of 007. But more than a fan, she lived the part. It's not that Ms. Chapman had squirreled deep dark secrets from powerful men with perverse tastes in her PDA. It's not that she had photocopied the location of our deep, prowling nuclear subs. She and the other nine spies seemed to be enjoying the American way of life on the tab of Mother Russia. It makes a reasonable person wonder how many more spies are in our midst. Where is Joe McCarthy?

In reality, the USA and Russia have been getting along. Each country is always trying to infiltrate the other, much like two ice hockey teams try to demolish each other. But the game has rules. If the infraction is too close to the essence of the game, the players need to ameliorate the injuries so that the combatants can play another day. In short, the enemies need one another in order to legitimate much of what they do.

So, this business will quickly be out of the news. Our drab four will be freed and surely live supported lives. We can only hope that our Russian friends live as well. Anna, for her part, will be a star no matter where she ends up. Many Americans were hoping she would have gotten an offer she couldn't refuse from Playboy or a rich porn site or somebody who could help us concretize our fantasies. Good bye, Anna et al. до свидания.

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