Sunday, July 18, 2010

$219K According to Mr. Biden

Well, it's only $219,000, a "relatively small" sum according to VPOTUS spokesperson, Elizabeth Alexander. Relative is a funny word, $219K isn't much to the war effort in Afghanistan, but it is a fortune to a single mother with two teenagers in downtown DC. $219K is enough to pay for 8 years of education (that would be two college degrees) at Rutgers University. $219K is the amount of money VPOTUS is required to pay the US Treasury for "irregularities" arising out of his failed run for President in 2008.

VPOTUS tally:

Paid GEH Air Transport for a private flight for three $7911, real value was $34,800,
Did not repay $106,000 in over limit contributions
Stale dated checks $85,000
Failed to disclose $3.7M in payments and $870K in debts

To quote Mr. Biden's spokesperson,

"Some repayment is commonplace after presidential campaign audits and the repayment ordered here is relatively small. Payment is due to the Treasury 30 days after the FEC issues its formal ruling and Biden for President will comply with that," said Alexander.

All of this shady stuff went on two or more years ago. Was VPOTUS ever going to pay up unless sanctioned by the Federal Election Committee? Wasn't this fraud? Shouldn't there be a penalty? Why did Mr. Biden ever participate in this improper behavior? Mr. Biden is a lawyer, doesn't he know the election laws? Why would he minimize $219,000, isn't that a huge sum of money for most Americans? Is he planning an apology?

Perhaps this is just an oversight. After all, Mr. Biden seems like a nice man (his wife seems nice, too) and $219,000 isn't that much money in politics. And, as with most things political, stuff just seems to happen. Especially to politicians. It is, however, so disappointing when the politician is VPOTUS and he is a heartbeat away...

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