Friday, June 4, 2010

Shrimp Boots

With another President Obama visit to the Gulf on the horizon, some commentators feel that it is time for him to dress the part. White PVC shrimp boots would be de rigueur. The shrimp boot can be found as a wardrobe staple along the entire Gulf coast. While they may look strange to most of the rest of the country, it is time for the shrimp boot to move into the closets and mudrooms of mainstream America.

These boots are soft, comfortable, durable and waterproof. Once you put them on, you won't take them off. They are a lot more user friendly than the LL Bean rubber ducks. You can even sleep in a shrimp boot and feel fresh in the morning. The thick grippy tread prevents slippage. In an informal survey in New Jersey, not one person had any clue or idea what a shrimp boot was. It is likely that New Yorkers and Vermonters and Indianers would be equally uninformed. Californians, well, maybe some might know, but maybe not.

It is a good time to be a shrimp boot manufacturer. The shrimp boot looks like it may be a winner in the oil leak debacle of 2010. Depending on the marketing acumen of the shrimp boot manufacturers, there is no telling how many pairs of these snappy white PVC boots can be sent north, east and west.

The boot lends itself to decoration. The plain whiteness of the boots beckons like a freshly whitewashed bill board. Artwork, names, diagrams, geographic identities, photos and even advertisements are just a few of the things which could set your shrimp boots off. Once either the chic women of the country or better yet the teens jump on the must-have-a-pair of shrimp boots mentality, they will sell like proverbial hotcakes. Linking wearing these decorated, spiffy vanilla boots with the Gulf crisis only adds to their panache.

The boots are available with an insole lining. This lining is soft and useful, particularly in warm weather. The insole line needs to be expanded to include a sheep skin option, like the insoles Uggs uses. While these insoles would have little use in the Gulf region, the rest of the country, where the temperatures are more brisk, would love this option. Uggs has had proven success with the toes-in-the-sheep concept. Also, the tops of the boots can be rolled over for an added fashion statement. The PVC is so supple it allows for this special twist. Wearers with thickish calves are best advised to keep the boot tops in their original upward pointing posture.

There is no question that the market is there for the plastic shoe. Just look at the profits the Croc company has enjoyed. The Croc fad has ended, but the company still sells a fair number of these synthetic rubber shoes They are made with stuff to control foot odor. Buyers always worry whether man made materials used for footwear will increase foot perspiration and consequently foot smell. This may be a concern for potential shrimp boot buyers as well. Understandably waterproof footwear can't breathe. It is problematic that breathing and waterproofing are opposite concepts in footwear science. But PVC, the synthetic used in the shrimp boot, is not a known stink enhancer or inducer.

Although there are several manufacturers of the shrimp boot, it appears from research analysis the boot made by Royal is the paradigm. This is not to say other manufacturers don't make a good boot, but let's face it. When you see a person wearing a Croc like shoe and you see it's not the paradigm, you curl your nose like you're smelling something bad. For the fashion conscious, it has to be the Royal or nothing at all. For the practical, for the frugal, for the I don't care about fashion group, any shrimp boot will be fine. After all.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about the shrimp boot is the price. The cost of a pair of these babies is modest, in the twenty to thirty dollar range. Once the fad hits, the big profits will be in the extra features and adornments. The producers will likely keep the base price moderate and then get the buyers on the extras. Like buying an automobile or a pizza. One thing that will be problematic is the color option. It will definitely happen, red ones, blue ones, green ones, ad nauseum. And, of course, it won't stop with just color, next plaids, stripes, polka dots, etc. It will get worse with different styles of boots ending likely with formal shrimp boots and even high heeled ones. At this point the fad will end, the product cycle will run its course. Profits will be banked. When it's all done, the white, functional waterproof, shrimp boating boot will live on where it lives now. You can't kill a good thing.

Here's an ad for the shrimp boot, just in case you want to be first on the block to sport a pair. (The author has no interest in this company, although any commissions sent for sales would be appreciated. A set of shrimp boots, size 11, would be a nice start. LOL)

Royal White Shrimp Boots
We stock the most popular & preferred White PVC boot in commercial & recreational fishing .

The ROYAL boot fits loose and comfortable, so it comes off easily, in case you go overboard.

The ROYAL boot has a non-skid gum sole and soft PVC
texture, Like that of an expensive rubber boot.

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