Sunday, April 13, 2014

Occhi Scuri

Sunday evenings are the worst, the weekend is overrrr... La Scala is on play and replay and then againnnn. Little known here, here in Margate, Giusy Ferreri has the kind of voice a guy wants to hear at that moment, when there is a god. Oh yeah, that certain inflection, her burning occhi scuri, ehhhh.... Sicilians!

Finding himself here, still a little drunk, right next to a freakish beachfront elephant people make a big deal about. Tin and wood, the outlandish structure is a tourist attraction. Tourist, the word, always reminds him of diarrhea. Once Buford Peel got the shits so bad from a trip into Mexico that he blacked out in the aisle of return Flight 50 American - from dehydration. To this day he remembers some piano legged lady in aisle 6 saying he had turista. Funny how odd her legs looked with his nose an inch away from her right foot.

Oh, between lives, Buford wished things were better for him, but who doesn't? Mid life ennui is a hobgoblin. Nobody would sign up for the routine if the consequences were evident. No matter how much a guy thinks he knows, he is destined to repeat the mistakes and end result just like all of the skinners before him. Call it the way of the world, call it fate, call it bullshit. You call it!


Judy P's midwestern accent was cute once, not Sicilian inflected in a drawn out oh sort of way. Yet, that was then. Time is the ultimate saltpeter and 22 years is about enough in and out to render a carrot flaccid and numb. Now those oh's, her oh's, are askew chalk on a blackboard, not that anyone nowadays knows what a blackboard is and what chalk can do to the blood.

Getting on to 7:40, the light was fading, but the pachyderm's red carpet coat shone as bright as a heated woman's choch. Heh, yes indeed, if there had been enough light in the wee hours he might have seen hers, whatever her name. Shore pick-ups often go nameless or mis-named - to protect the innocents. The kids and the cuckolds need their anonymity. Certo!

Time was moving on, time to return to sobriety and ho-hum. But the ho-hum makes the thrill of the pick up all the more addicting, like the chocolate ice cream off of her belly. It ran into the cavity of her flatness, her button... he pushed it up into her thick hair, the salty heady her. The sweet of the chocolate still hung on his tongue. The feel of her softness, her natural self. Without recourse, he jerked the Toyota onto Atlantic Avenue. Bye Lucy...

With his egress from the beach, the insipid air of the mainland displaced the sea air, his life. In reality a guy's life is a long series of nothings, no accounts, with only a few uplifts. Sadly age dictates that those respites become fewer and fewer. On he moved back to oh, light after light, stop after stop. Seems as if a lot of other schmos were headed back to shirts and ties, when he spotted a sign - airport. Ever see a possession?

Buford turned right and he pulled into long term parking. Maybe he knew he wouldn't be back. Atlantic City has a rube airport and he was lucky to catch a last flight to Fort Lauderdale. There he will take a room, wait till the morning and take half of his and oh's savings and send them to a new solo account at Scotia Bank. Then the train to Miami, where he will jump to Rome and then a few days later, maybe by Thursday or Friday, Palermo. Sicily. Then... oh! No!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Played Out

Played out is a term of hopelessness, senza speranza if you will. Life gets played out sooner or later even if a woman can live to 100. Eventually, give or take a few years, dust to dust as the saying goes. Recently reminded by her forehead splotch of an Ash Wednesday ago, her mortality was all too clear.

Perhaps the ticking of the clock and the shortening of a person's telomeres hearken the proverbial tunnel train. Who doesn't know the one with the single light pushing at each forward walking individual. Each in kind gets stuck in that narrow, a so narrow tube as they walk towards that beam. Is that light god? Each person gets to ponder the issue, but sadly nobody knows for sure. Where is Thomas Aquinas now, now that the world needs a deep thinker? By the way, Aquinas died in 1274 at the age of 49. Plenty of folks wish he would reappear!

With the world a-twitter... Malaysian planes vanishing and (the) Crimea going Russian... a rational person might think death dwelling would be apropos of less than nothing. Who has time to think of dying when any itchy triggered mahoff could spin the earth towards the sun. How many nuclear explosions would it take to off-orbit the third rock from the sun? But Grace Pike can't help herself in her maudlin mood. The blues are a powerful force.

Maybe if she had had kids... then grand kids... then... Once she had a husband, a fat no-goodnik, who had trouble earning and more than trouble making non paralytic, peppy sperms. Yes indeed, Grace called them sperms; in fact to this day she says that Beveredge Pike only made bad sperms. Weak, sidewinders were they, she tells friends and others, rattlesnakes... the besterd filled me with only rattlesnakes. If only she had taken Wilbur Reddy up on his offer. Why he said he would give her his swimmers for free, wanting only to touch her breasts as he released himself into an ashtray, clean of course. What she would do with his effulgement would be her business. Turkey baster? Men can be like that. Unaffected with their own spew.

Haunting her is the idea that she won't be here anymore, there will no more her, no nothing... gone. Being dead was making her stay up at night and sweat, night sweats; but not the kind she had few years back when her estrogen fell to negligible levels. This sweat was different, it smelled of nervous bitter, the kind that is full of pheromones. Was her body bonkers sending out sexuality signals? Maybe fear and sex go hand in hand, but physiology be damned.

At sixty-five she was old and dry. No longer did she get wet there, like she used to when Bev was a lot thinner; when he could trip her circuit, albeit the snakes. That was so many years ago, but memories linger like acrid cigarette smoke in a low ceilinged gin joint. Her body was still lithe and agile, thinness can take years from the reaper. Small titties are always a joy, as opposed to those generoso granny sagamores pointing south. Grace had and still has sweet little tomatoes.

Relationships are tethers or better yet life-lines. While tethers keep a person grounded and stable, the vital nutrients of life-lines are the ticket to health and sanity. Poverina Grace had neither and consequently her life will likely be foreshortened at least ten years, maybe more. Be clear, foreshortening is in no way akin to a foreskin which is a whole other matter of vitality, This nerve rich scabbard is often times peeled off like a banana skin, cut really, from those unable to protect themselves. Whether a foreshortened or a foreskin-less life is the worse is debatable, depending...

A few nights back Grace, who was thinking more clearly and certainly not in her dusty-ash fugue, met a man named Hugo. Names can be false in promise, but Hugo was as genuine as Lebanon bologna. Although she had never done it before, a bingo night at St. Swarthers turned into what the old people called and still call a one night stand. A few niceties back and forth and before you could say Hop-a-Long Cassidy, Grace was lost in the longest foreskin she had ever seen. That isn't saying that much since Bev had been circumcised and her two other lovers were mere, now nameless, boys taken in the 1960's. Smooth and silky, moist good, she slid into that wonderland feeling the head, equally soft and inviting. Ample Hugo took her there and there and there, three theres... Who said old people can't have new experiences?

Too bad the sweats and the dreams of doom returned a night later, for on Hugo's night she had slept like a log or a baby or the dead. In short, she reached the stage of sleep when the eyes move rapidly from side to side, a time where neural transmitters are replenished and the brain rejuvenates. Could it have been related to Hugo and his adventures, his Cialis? Indeed... Sex is a soporific stupendo.

Well, it is another cold, damp early Spring day in New Jersey, an ugly state all in all. But Grace lived in Atlantic City, where the beaches and boardwalk were precious and lovely. As she walks down the open wide wooden expanse, she sees no single beam light ahead; there is no close quartered tunnel. Remarkably, with the Atlantic Sea to her right she could see forever. She rolled her right index finger against her thumb, smooth silky, slightly lubricated. The mystery and joy of the uncut Hugo surged into her brain like a hard breaking wave floods the shoreline. She stopped and turned right to look out to the horizon. Feeling oddly excited down below, she carefully moved that index finger and that thumb to herself. Skinny people can always touch themselves with ease, jeans be damned. She was wet, wet and slippery... cummy. Youth springs eternal!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fake Balls



Some days... Some days a guy can bite off more than he can swallow. Not to be political, but PObama sure has and continues to do so. But what could he have done? A fractious gun toting country is doubtless a testy tailed tiger. Especially for a mixed man in a creamery.

To heck with that stuff says Mark from the bank. Politics be damned. Diebold is his last name, but for most of his acquaintances it is from the bank. Pizzle is a small town, rural, lots of farms and pigs. When the wind is right in the summer the flies and smell can make a man want to slap his cock head red. Pizzle!

Taking her on was a mistake. Now he knows it, yet that was some 1000 days ago. Three years is a long time for clandestine lunches and faux business meetings. My god she was and still is so hot that the bespectacled baldie still steams with excitement with the thought of her. If only... Brianna weren't so passive, needy and the mom of the triplets. If only... he didn't agree to the in vitro. If only he hadn't bitten in...

Stacy Bergen knew he was married, all the better for johns are so docile when wifey trims their generoso. While she sensed that the fool banker was, to be trite, falling for her; she ate his food and took her tithe once or twice a week. Some guys though are unpredictable, hard to read even for una puttana.

Mark from the bank has been restive of late. Thoughts of marrying Stacy have flooded his head like the crescendo sounds in the 17th year of the 17 year cicada cycle. Smitten men suffer disordered thinking, a vestigial adaptation of procreative drive. Surely Brianna's 150 pound weight gain hasn't been much of boon to his marriage, especially since she now always smells like bad fish. Swamp ass, ripe 'swa... ? Mr. Peepers had no proof, ass or 'swa, but it mattered little. His pizzle was not headed into those parts either way!


Today is warm for March, 72 degrees and a touch humid. She never wears deodorant for Stacy understands men, she understands pheromones... She keeps a little stubble there, enough to shadow herself. Mark, timid and milquetoast, would not be the kind of guy suspect for nuzzling an armpit. Pure energy! As he pulls her chair out, she brushes up against him and her body odor nearly flattens him. Erected, he sits quickly as if he wants to hide himself from the noontime patrons of this freaky restaurant called Flush.

Besides having his cock engorged, his jeans were taut from his other piece, the Glock 19. Composite, not cold like steel, it fit into the small of his back, the barrel into his crease a bit. Oddly it felt good there, titillating. Why he was packing today... Oh it's America! He had been thinking of showing it to her, to hear her ooh and aw. Penises and pistols are somehow alike.

Earlier he had argued with Brit and his neck felt stuffed like a pelican who caught a fish too big to esophagize. Stacy recoiled when he blurted out that he wanted to tell his fat wife about them. THEM she thought, THEM. Mark was worming around in his chair, the kind of old wicker rester with the back support which almost reached the brocade covered seat. That little gap was just big enough to grab handle the gat and as he jerked forward as she repeated THEM... Pop!

A gunshot sounds more like a cap gun than the cinema enhanced sound familiar to all. Pop, pause and then YEOW. The bullet burned his his butt fissure before penetrating his scrotum. Mark has, er had, a big set of balls, a scrotum sitter was he. With his coin purse tauted and tense, the slug minced his nuts like a juicer reduces an apple to a mess. Off the chair, blue jeans red, and rolling on the floor, Stacy calmly excused herself and left in the ensuing hub-bub.

Flies followed her into the Emergency Room. Nonplussed, Bree acted like a woman whose husband blows off his scrotum as a matter of fact. No questions were asked other than an inquiry or two about why the lock was not engaged. In pain from his scrotectomy, he was without other emotion. Lying there, waiting for surgery, her piscine smell, her from the deep BO nauseated him. Little relief was in order for Mark from the bank on this swell day other than the fact that he would be a candidate for reconstruction at a later date...

He swallowed without success when the surgeon told him about fake balls... Fake balls! Fake life, damn! Gulp, gulp, gulp... No swallow!!





Saturday, March 8, 2014

So Done

So she told me.... the sound of too loud music from a too bad beat out group drowned her sound... "Done, So Done." Why 4 old men with bankrupt pony tails and a springy young girl insist on singing songs from earthy times remains a present day mystery. Why were they so loud, intrusively loud? Sometimes loud covers disharmony...

Life can be viewed as one long entropic lub-dub with a few moments of lucidity and fewer moments of sheer joy. The kind of joy when two hearts beat as one and the union of two souls is the most powerful force EVER! If you ever have had it, felt it, then even a cretino like me can see that words are not enough to define such an emotional force. Alternatively, this brass ring might simply be better defined as a snootful of pheromones. Ohhhh...

I had known her from a different spin, not one where she or me could ever have been a we making me a confessor, a priest named Cohen, Irv. Her eyes, eyes always with a sparkle and smile that could stop traffic or better yet illuminate a small city, like Chicago, did indeed make me want to go deeper in there. Perhaps it was our same charge passing through that led to this soave informality, this let down of pretense and game facing. Or yet again, my avuncularity or my non-judgmental way tempered with compassion and a low T could be the ticket of a successful healer. Bosh! Truth be told, my schmooze is mostly the result of advancing age and the humbling recent project of learning to speak Italian.  Che cazzo!!

Women often use the term "So Done"... Men seem to be less done as if to say that the genders give up on a relationship in different ways. Actually that comes as no surprise to anyone with half a brain. For their part men are not so much "So Done" as they are hungry for more of what they already have. Damn wiring... especially considering the overall sameness of wet. But biology is a miserable task master, inasmuch as procreation seems to be the paretic drummer, who by the way right now is trying his hand in a cover of Toxic. "I'm addicted to you but you know that you're toxic..." resounded. Che cazzo!

Carefully she explained to me that she had been through the throes of too many levels of life rehabilitation with him, he with so many reasons not to earn that he could be a Louis Black rant runyon. Short shrift cannot be given to the alcohol and the drugs and the injuries... So many achy legs and creaky hips and other stuff with names ending in "itis" were like his trump cards. Work for him was a sham act, lucky he had her... she worked jobs, two and more. Oh she looked so tired and pained and so pretty that a clergyman would be tempted to offer her tenderness.

Not that little Irv knew anything about women, he, er I, being an exemplar of vanilla shoo-whop. Yeow, the notion of self esteem or lack thereof crashed me on my calvarium like bolted electricity. Thwap!!! How could a woman of this caliber settle for an unrewarding partner? Couldn't she see just how worth it she was? Why a man in the same position would toss an unproductive and using troia out the door... followed by her corner-worn valise... Che palle!!

Filled with dreams and hopes, everybody wishes that they could feel the joy of a new engagement ring. Oh yes, a new life, dreams and a lazy boy recliner on the horizonnnn. So exciting, the notion of an endless day, like June 21st in Anchorage AK. But for her, there, sitting across from me so vulnerable and so hurt, her finger 4th sinistra was bare, nude. No ring, not as if it could ever stay there... davvero!

Ah, she needed me to tell her it was "So Done", as if I really knew. They say there are two sides to every story, but in matters of the heart that is poppycock. Unless a person feels it, for him, for her, both, there is nothing. Niente! So that for every love thump out there, only one side really matters and unless two sides of oneness can equal the in tune two, they equal zerooooo.

Old bands tire easily (mercifully) and the Conchs were done for the night. It was 9 PM, time too early and too late. Only a few happy hour dreamers were left, here and there, bereft by definition. I yearned to say wanna get a bite, but milquetoasts have no trigger finger, besides... Grateful was she for the support, she knew I would be there no matter. Two friends, no more for now... A wink and a smile, gone, poof, her way, my way...seatbelt clickkkk... that's when Emma began to sing...


I hold my breath
In this sea of words
As much as it takes
To not think
You are not invited
To this next mistake of mine
How much it costs
To give up
But I already feel inside another life
I know well what you mean
The difference is clear
Between you living my senses
You living my senses

Between those things that every day
Disappoint's in life
There's enough space even for those you knew to give
To make so big your street (to become someone)
I've made my heart so little
Even your smile, your trail
Remake myself and go away

I hold my breath
On purpose to not make noise
As much as it takes
To hurt
And I allow myself
To another risk to deal with
Because sometimes a door
Can look like a turn-side
But you've closed it all the times
Challenging all the prejudices
I had my consents
But now are too far away
You living my senses
You living my senses

Between those things that every day
Disappoint's in life
There's enough space even for those you knew to give
To make so big your street (to become someone)
I've made my heart so little
Even your smile, your trail
Remake myself and go away

And I may have even lost the chance to live every day together
But behind so much indifference
Light comes inside this room
And I know you love me

Between those things that every day
Disappoint's in life
There's enough space even for those you knew to give
To make so big your street (to become someone)
I've made my heart so little
Even your smile, your trail
Remake myself and go away
Even your smile, your trail
Remake myself and go away

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ponti di Merritt Parkway (CT)

Bridges of the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut are interesting. Different as anatomic wonders, these overpasses are as notable for their variability. None the same as the other, somebody had a sense of humor as well as artistry. For no reason in particular here are a few more up and down images to share. Nothing like a little snow in February in the Northeast to get a motor going. Well, enjoy the ride...


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Whore More

So she shaved her legs, good thing cause he liked them smooth. Red skinny jeans couldn't hide a thing, not even that, hair stubs. Ironic, she had no idea that she would ever middle sit a zipper named Rico. A guy who likes shaved legs and stubbly armpits… what kind of a domo is that? Indeed! Hispanic maybe… no!

With an orthodontia perfect smile that could light up a room, she had him after the incident. How could she had known that the airplane cheese spread would have spurt, spurt like the brio of an fifteen year old - at night in the sheets. Lithe, she had stepped over him. That was before it happened. Rico feigned asleep at 38,000 feet, listening to Adele ….there's a side to you a side to you… I never knew, I never knew…. Oh but the smell of her as she took that overriding pass over! Uffa!

Young women are, er, fresh in a way no plastic surgeon can ever bring back. Rico always knew that, what man doesn't? Today, in this case, the point was made poignant by this girl's fish lipped mother. Oh, make no mistake, she was decent, good even and on another day, in another place, sixty year old Rico would have taken her - hard - just not now, not now.

The bane of any woman is to be matched up to her daughter, especially if la ragazza can carry the ball. Oh yeah, men can sense these things, feel them in their groins. Call it human nature, go ahead do that. Life is short and there are only so many sweet moments. Sad but true, drudgery runs the clock so sensing this fresh peach was making Rico crazy. In addition, he was a wounded bird.

It was innocent, right after the beverage cart moved by. Surprised, he was surprised she took a vodka and tomato juice. An old fashioned drink for a kid. The Bloody Mary is a mundane choice, but this was no premium flight. Florida commuter jumps are designed to be cheap. She had quick fingers, no arthritis yet. What attractions, agility, speed and strength. Age is the worst taskmaster. Poor Rico, poor man, he was feeling old until now. Was it her estrogen, real estrogen which was acting like the fountain of youth juice?

With the air pressure decreasing, hermetically sealed products tend to pop-pop when released into the free cabin air. In a second, the yellow orange goo shot out on the seat stand and then on Rico. How could sweet stuff know about physics? True Religions look ridiculous on men his age, but he had the thighs and waist line to carry out the fit. Reflexly, upon seeing her daughter's faux pas, the window seated Mom reached over her, napkin in hand and and she mopped up the mess. Clean-up genes don't blossom until the first diaper is changed, evidenced by the inaction of her-ness, hot.

By the time, Rico saw that his right thigh had been besmirched, the stiff deft hand della madre did its magic, but… orange yellow dye is anathema to blue denim. Oh, pissed indeed, but what could he do? It is not a good idea to show one's ass on a plane.  No… besides she seemed to caress him just a little. Back and forth, then little circles, his thigh was a canvas and she was a painter. He blushed and filled there. Although he didn't want to believe it, he was not dead! They shared a moment... as their eyes met, contemporaries them give or take a few years.

The struck-up conversation moved on to "sorries" and "offers to dry clean" and all. He laughed. There was no plan for him.  He was on this flight to get away from a sunshine life which had run out, clouded over. People on planes all have histories, which go into suspended animation once the winged tube is airborne. Perhaps that is related to the ever present impending doom of a crash.

Imagining what it would be like to be with either of them, speciale - cosa speciale, Rico moved his elbow to her, sitting so close, red pins a-paralyzing as he looked floorward. Oh no she didn't move and ever so slightly, he thought, she pushed back. Not drunk, one mini vodka couldn't do that! Having left near and dear behind might be rendering him loco, but what could he do. Drawn to both, like a metal fender in a recycling yard to that ponderous round suspended magnet… maybe he was asleep, dreaming. Mother and daughter??

What possesses a woman to run? He thought it was too simplistic to think that it was just a matter of sex or money. Had it been his inadequacies? Nah… it was the natural order of things. Charlie, Two and a Half Men Charley, has it right. Strange is the powerful motivator. How the women next to him were making him insane, maybe that's what Zach Lilly did to her with his supposed monster veiny main? He couldn't fully understand his rejection. He iPod listened to an Italian cantante named Nina Zilli belt Per Sempretornale fame…

Aw, there are no answers, only questions, la frutta dolce is evanescent, alluring nonetheless. Painted nails out of concert with her look of wet-behind-the-ears dishevelment, a presentation that could only be made rah-rah with youth. Rico was drawn to her, he could taste her since smell and taste are one and the same. Yea, that is the way of the world. Ears, now a-full of descending pressure, signaled the end was near. When the wheels meet the ground, the passengers will all take back their lives. The co-fears of shared death dissipate like so much wispy cigarette smoke then, then when the rubber hits the road.

Rico will be incidentally met by a greasy looking cabbie, who will take him to Atlantic City. Mom Fish and Tovah, on the other hand will be met by natty Sid Green, who is both a brother and an uncle. A mensch defined. Purelled, off they go, for a few days in Margate to be safe. Shalom.. lom... lom.

No, Rico Rossi will not savor those smooth, shaved legs or those stubbly pits of that nubile vodka fueled temptress. No, nor will he kiss those ballooned out lips after he fails to gain the favor of the daughter. Oh no, for him, the rejected Florida marito, it'll be a hooker named Daphne, Daphne from Key West to be precise. Tawdry she will be with a loose vault worked lax from from too many times, kids and bangs. He won't notice the burning until Thursday. Ooey-ooh! Pisseroo!!! Whores, women are, one way or the other, whores.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Seize the Day (Carpe Diem)

Walking, she circled mindlessly. Still cloudy, the rain had finally stopped giving her a chance to walk and sweat a little. Perhaps perversely, perhaps not, she liked to perspire and smell herself. Before she stopped razor working her armpits, she didn't smell quite like this - sensual, pheromonic. Although she didn't understand it, the nose knows. Others know too.

Wilbur was born in '43. From St. Louis, an insipid city in middle America, he came down here to Florida for 3 months. His paving business had to do without him, although with modern phoning, texting and facing, it was as if he was still there. Just this morning, he closed a re-pave deal with the city. East St. Louis has the worst roads ever...

Here in Sunshine he drives a 2013 ZL1 Camaro... 580 supercharged horsepower and a convertible to boot! Maybe it's cruel to say, but his white head looks stupid in a car designed for people with mid-life energy. Old guys in hot cars always appear like last chance power drivers and consequently they are sad sacks. Yet 70 could be the new 44...

Blonde she is, nice blonde streaky hair, believable, youthful. With a longish ponytail, which sways the opposite of her cheeks as she perambulates, she is a treat to see. Most men and many women, who espot her, want to unravel her like tangled twine. Wilbur is not alone in yearning to see her nude, to find out about her. Only if they knew about her groomed armpits! If they could get close enough...

Somehow Wilbur and Chris knew each other, propinquity, since they lived in the same gated zoo. Never had they spoken, just side glanced. After all, he was trim and well groomed and seemingly moneyed and she was, well, hot her. He had a girlfriend in Mizzu named Daphne from Key West and she had clients mostly named John. Why he stopped, what he wanted is unclear. I just saw it happen. Boom.

The car froze. The passenger window edged downwards in a General Motors sort of disharmony. Slowing, she looked over at the car, then him. Haltingly, she moved those sweet feet towards the street. Leaning down into the car her buttocks, her posterior thighs, her calves yelled out... I fell off of my bike into the bushes. Fortunately, no one noticed nor did help arise. Good thing, embarrassment saved!

Their murmurs were almost words... a Hi, Chris, a Sure, a Now, and a Cash could be heard from the thicket of soft evergreens in which I was ensconced. Lucky these were not rough bushes. My derriere would have been toast. Then as I elbowed up to my knees, she got in! Like that, into the car. Were they simply going out to get a fast lunch? Why I had wood made me wonder...

Rain had been happening off and on and sure enough as the tail lights disappeared the deluge started. Nothing like being in some bushes getting soaked while wondering what just happened. Maybe she is a hooker, maybe Wilbur paid her $1000 for his unmet desires. Did he nuzzle those armpits?

Once when Chris was at the pool, I saw her. She made a bikini proud. Not big in any way, but firm, taut, toned. At one point she picked up her arm to wave to some guy, who was probably a married John, I saw that hair, that heat. My mind raced...

Tomorrow will come and the bike path will again be crowded. Tomorrow will offer another opportunity to the Wilburs and the Johns of the world. This Wilbur will be traveling with 10 Benjamins at the ready, tucked into my shorts, just in case the opportunity arises. If a guy lives everyday like its the last day of his life, hmmm... Carpe diem!!